data centers provide hosting services that can scale with your business.

We assist you in researching, comparing, and managing secure, highly-efficient data center colocation services. From high-density power capabilities to uptime requirements to geographic proximity, we prioritize your needs and requirements to identify the provider that gives you the most control and flexibility over distributed architectures. Our expertise ensures that you get the best possible service for your specific requirements.

(At no cost. Seriously.)

Let’s explore the IT industry’s most trusted colocation providers to see what’s best for your company.

Why Consider Colocation?

Colocation providers have redundancies in their operations (AC, physical power, etc.) that are difficult to cost-effectively build, manage, and maintain on your own.

AWS DirectConnect, Azure ExpressRoute, Google, and other major SaaS providers. Most collocation providers give you a direct on-ramp at a better price than what you could build into your own facility.

Outsource your data center footprint to a colocation provider that has risk management and compliance operations built into their operations.

With multi-factor visitor verification, advanced fire detection systems, and camera systems, colocation providers can provide extensive physical security for your servers.

“They are very intuitive and personal. No bullshit and no ego.”

“Techchieva metrics of success are different from product vendors – they ask “is the problem solved and is it solved in a manner that benefits you the most?” not “how can we offer you a solution using the products we sell?” If Aaron is facilitating an introduction and he feels like a call didn’t go well or that the vendor’s offerings do not align with our organization or our needs, he calls me directly after and says that. They are very intuitive and personal. No bullshit and no ego.”

– Anthony Lowe, Information Systems Manager at VFP Inc

How Our Process Works


Our team will collaborate with stakeholders on a meaningful assessment. Identifying challenges and mitigating potential risks.


Our experts will We will do the leg work, provide vetted options making sure the vendors have the capabilities and resources necessary to deliver what is promised. These meetings and demos allow organizations to make informed decisions


Our team of experts are dedicated to providing clients with sound advice and recommendations, tailored to your individual situation. We sit on your side of the table as a trusted member of your team.


Once you decide on the best solution,  we’re here to help. With our expertise and years of experience.  We will help negotiate the best possible outcome. Our services don’t cost you more – they save you money.


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